Friday, November 21, 2014

Where's Alfie

If I was a kid right now, I would love this new Christmas Tradition known as 'Elf on a Shelf'. However, I am not a kid- I am a parent. I, like many of you, was sucked in to purchasing this because "elf is the new orange" or whatever. Now I have to waste hours and hours of time on Pinterest (like this is torture... let's be real, I LOVE Pinterest) pinning ideas about what this little rascal is going to be up to for the next 24+ days. I must admit, the crafter in me gets super ambitious, but then the lazy in me takes over and we only "elf" for a solid ten minutes before the kids wake up. Regardless of our efforts (elaborate or minimalistic) the boys seem to truly be amazed at our little Alfie.

This year I made the mistake of unpacking him with the Christmas decorations *sigh* so we have already had to start creating the elaborate lie that is Santa's little snitch. On the plus side- my fireball Cohen (2 yo) ripped Alfie's little hat off, one less part of him to worry about! He doesn't understand the "no touching" part. I must admit, I did have a silent celebration of "take that you time suck". Today Alfie was trying to catch gold fish crackers with a Q-tip, you're welcome for my SUPER creative idea ;)

Who's Mommy's Favorite, Erika

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