Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fact vs Fiction... Eating out

Recently, we went away for the weekend. This means a lot of eating out which is slow, painful torture, but inspired my very first fact vs fiction entry.

I always use to think that large families didn't eat out because of the following reasons:

  1. It would take too long to get a table for 5+ people because the world is made for families of four or couples.
  2. It was just too expensive.
  3. You would have to down grade your restaurant because of price.

Get ready to have your mind blown- NONE OF THESE ARE THE REASON! The real reason why larger families do not dine out is basically because of this list:

  1. The idea of being trapped in a booth with all your children and that many open water/juice/pop glasses is terrifying. You better hope you wore black pants, preferably polyester so they will dry fast when inevitably the cups on the table are all knocked over and pool into your lap. Children are invincible; they can flail their arms all over the place and will NEVER get a spilled drink on them.
  2. The minute a waitress sees a 5+ table that automatically means snails pace. Have you ever tried to contain starving monkey goats? Well take my hungry family to a restaurant and you will get that experience.
  3. As parents, you mine-as-well of ordered a side of ice cubes to throw on your food because by the time you wrangle your children down and convince them to eat, your food is freezing. Who really wants to pay good money for gross freezing food? Could have had that experience at home.

When we only had two kids, going out to eat wasn’t perfect but it was easy. Now I just prefer to stay home and use the slow cooker- at least my food is hot when I am eating 45 minutes after the kids finish!

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